COMSATS GPA and CGPA Calculator

Welcome to the COMSATS GPA and CGPA Calculator! If you’re a student at COMSATS University Islamabad (CUI), our tool makes it easy to calculate your GPA and CGPA. Whether you’re tracking your academic progress or planning your studies, our calculator helps you understand your grades effortlessly.


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COMSATS uses an absolute grading system with a strict GPA policy. Unlike many other universities, COMSATS has a unique algorithm to measure GPA. Maintaining a good GPA can be challenging due to this rigorous grading system.

Why Choose COMSATS?

COMSATS is a top university for IT-related fields and is ranked 7th in Pakistan by HEC. The university is known for producing quality IT specialists, making it easier for graduates to secure jobs in the IT industry. Choose COMSATS for a high-quality education and excellent career prospects.

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