GPA Calculator Pakistan

Welcome to GPA Calculator PK! An online website with the simplest UI design for GPA calculation. We are only targeting Pakistani Universities for now.

In the future, we will extend it to international universities too. All you have to do is select your Grades and Credit hours and submit them. This tool will provide you with a proper GPA and CGPA result card.

List of GPA Calculators

GPA Calculation Criteria

Each Pakistani university has its own GPA calculation criteria, but all follow HEC instructions. In Pakistan, the maximum GPA and CGPA is 4.0. We can calculate GPA with the help of student grades, course credit hours, and quality points criteria of their university.

Based on GPA Calculation criteria, some universities consider a “B” to be a good grade, but some consider it to be an average. It is all because of the difference in quality points.

Why is GPA calculation important?

GPA calculation is essential for freshmen because, in most cases, they ignore it and don’t set their goals, so they end up scoring low grades and getting frustrated. It gives us a rough idea of whether we are going in the right direction or whether we have to provide more time for a specific subject.

Does CGPA matter?

It is the most common question that freshies ask the seniors. The answer is “Yes, it is!”. In most cases, companies first ask for your CGPA, and you can get shortlisted if you have a good CGPA.

However, in some fields, CGPA doesn’t matter, such as computer science and software engineering. These fields demand only skills. Interesting fact: Google has hired many software engineers who don’t have degrees.

Pakistani Universities GPA System

Every Pakistani university has its own Quality points scale to measure the GPA. At the same time, CGPA calculation is the same for all universities. Each grade has different quality points. Credit hours are multiplied by the quality points to get the subject score.

First, we calculate the subject score of each course and then divide the sum of subject scores by the total number of credit hours in a semester to calculate GPA. Some Pakistani universities have similar scales, like GIKI and Quaid-e-Azam University.

Universities with similar GPA System

Some Pakistani universities, Like GIKI and Quaid-e-Azam University, have similar quality points scales. So, I just developed logic for a university and used the same reasoning for another. Pakistani universities have similar GPA systems, but PMAS ARID University has a different system.

I’m studying at ARID University; when I was in my 1st semester, I didn’t find any proper calculator for my university. So, I created one for me and my university fellows, and they appreciated me a lot. That appreciation motivated me to make a website dedicated to Pakistani Universities with the most accessible UI design, and here it is.

Do we have an app for Android and IOS?

Yes, we have a mobile application for the GPA calculation on Google Play Store named “My GPA Calculator.” It is an offline app, and I have added the “Past Papers” section to it. So, if you are looking for past university papers, then install this app from the Google Play Store.

How can you help?

I’m the only one running this whole website. As you can see, it has two modules, Calculator and Past Papers. It takes work to handle it all by myself. I need some students to come forward and provide me with the past papers of their respective universities so I can upload them here to help future students. In return, you will get your name mentioned in the Paper Contributors list and the link to your social profile.

Pros and Cons of Online Website and Offline Application

AspectOnline WebsiteOffline App
AccessAccessible from any device with internet access.Accessible without internet connection.
UpdatesEasy to update without manual intervention.Manual updates may be required.
DownloadNo download or installation is required.Requires download and installation.
InternetRequires internet connection.Works without internet connection.
PrivacyPotential privacy concerns with online data.Data stored locally, less privacy concern.
ReliabilityDepends on website uptime.Reliable performance without server dependency.
AvailableNot available offline.Available offline, enhancing accessibility.

This is short introduction of our website. Hope you like this website and share it with your friends who are struggling to calculate their GPA manually. Thanks