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Pakistan’s first online platform for GPA and CGPA calculation of almost all Pakistani universities. Here you can calculate and print out the results easily. We made it easy for the students who struggle while calculating GPA and CGPA.

Here you can calculate GPA and CGPA of different Pakistani universities like FAST, NUST, PIEAS, GIKI, COMSATS, QAU and ARID.

CGPA Calculator

The CGPA calculation formula is same for all the universities. Simply add the GPA’s of all semesters and divide them with the total number of semesters than you will get cumulative GPA.

Grading System at FAST and NUST

The GPA grading system isn’t same for all the universities. Universities like NUST have relative grading system which starts from A+ to F while FAST university have absolute grading system which starts from A to F.

Grading System at ARID

PMAS ARID has totally different grading system. They have different credit points of different credit hours subject. Now it is easy for ARIDIAN’s to calculate their GPA.