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Welcome to the NUCES FAST GPA Calculator! The National University of Computer and Emerging Sciences was founded in July 2000 and has campuses in Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad, and other cities. Known for its quality education in IT, FAST offers top programs in Software Engineering and Computer Sciences.


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NUCES FAST uses an absolute grading system. It can be challenging to achieve a high GPA due to strict grading policies. Major subjects often carry 4 to 5 credit hours, significantly impacting your GPA if you score low in these courses. Therefore, it’s crucial to do well in these subjects to maintain a good GPA.

Why Choose FAST?

FAST is an excellent choice for IT-related programs in a private university. Although the semester fees are higher than other private universities, scholarships are available for eligible students. FAST is renowned for producing skilled software engineers and IT professionals.

FAST University CGPA Calculator

Maintaining a good GPA at FAST NUCES can be tough, leading to stress for many students. To calculate your CGPA, simply add up all your semester GPAs and divide by the total number of semesters. For an easier way, visit our home page to use the CGPA calculator.

How to Calculate GPA at FAST NUCES University

Calculating your GPA manually at FAST NUCES can be complex due to the different point values for each credit hour. Here’s a simple method:

  1. Determine your grade for each subject and its corresponding credit hours.
  2. Use the points chart provided by HEC for each grade.
  3. Multiply the points by the credit hours for each subject.
  4. Add the total points and divide by the total credit hours.

For example, if you have two subjects, each with 4 credit hours, and you received an A (16 points) and a B (12 points), the total points are 28. Dividing by the total credit hours (8) gives you your GPA for the semester.

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