Welcome to the AIR University GPA Calculator! If you’re a student at the Institute of Avionics and Aeronautics, calculating your GPA is now easier. Our tool simplifies the process, helping you understand your academic performance effortlessly. Whether you’re aiming for excellence or helping others with their grades, our calculator is here to assist you.


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AIR University GPA System

The AIR University GPA System measures grades at the Institute of Avionics and Aeronautics using numerical values. Our GPA Calculator helps you easily understand this system. Whether you’re keeping track of your grades or planning your studies, our tool makes it simple to navigate your academic journey at AIR University.

Why Choose the Institute of Avionics and Aeronautics?

Choose the AIR University for excellent education in aviation and aeronautics. Modern facilities, expert teachers, and an industry-focused curriculum prepare you for success. With hands-on learning and research opportunities, you’ll be ready for a great career in aerospace.

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