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Introducing our new online GPA calculator for Punjab University (PUCIT)! Easily calculate your GPA with just a few clicks. Simply input your grades and credits, and let our user-friendly interface do the rest. No more manual calculations or guesswork. Whether you're a student or faculty member, our tool simplifies the GPA calculation process for everyone. Try it out today and streamline your academic experience at Punjab University!.
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List of Universities
NUST Islamabad
AIR University
GIKI University
PIEAS University
COMSATS University
UCP Lahore
University of Gujrat
NUML University
Karachi University
CUST University
IIUI Islamabad
UET Taxila
Punjab University
University of Lahore
University of Sialkot


At Punjab University (PU), they use a simple system to figure out your GPA. Your grades in each class get a letter like A, B, C, D, or F, which have different values like 4.0 for A, 3.0 for B, and so on. They look at things like class work, tests, and exams to give you these grades. Each class also has a certain number of credits, which are like points. When you add up all your grades and credits, you get your GPA, which shows how well you're doing overall in your studies.

Why Choose Punjab University?

They have lots of different subjects to study, awesome teachers who really know their stuff, and cool places like libraries and labs where you can study and do research. Plus, the campus is a fun and friendly place to be. Choosing Punjab University means setting yourself up for success and having a fantastic time while you're at it!