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The National University of Computer and Emerging Sciences was founded in July 2000. NUCES FAST has almost 5 campuses throughout Pakistan, including Karachi, Lahore & Islamabad. Fast is a well-known institute in the IT sector because of its quality and skilled software engineers. Fast is a private university with a lot of restrictions and is famous for its BS Software Engineering & BS Computer Sciences programs.
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List of Universities
NUST Islamabad
AIR University
GIKI University
PIEAS University
COMSATS University
UCP Lahore
University of Gujrat
NUML University
Karachi University
CUST University
IIUI Islamabad
UET Taxila
Punjab University
University of Lahore
University of Sialkot


Like many other universities, NUCES FAST has an absolute grading system. It is really hard to get a good GPA in NUCES FAST because of their strict paper-checking policy. Major subjects are of 4 to 5 credit hours, which directly affects the GPA if you get lower marks in these subjects. So, it is important to get good grades in these subjects to maintain a good GPA in NUCES FAST.

Why Fast?

If you are willing to be admitted to any IT-related program in a private university, then NUCES is the best option. Their semester fee is high compared to the other private universities, but you can get a scholarship easily if you are eligible for it.

FAST University CGPA Calculator | How to calculate FAST University CGPA

As I have mentioned before, it isn't easy to maintain a good GPA at FAST NUCES. Most of the students get depressed due to this reason. The calculation of CGPA at FAST is so simple. Just add up your all-semester GPAs and then divide them by the total number of semesters. If you don't want to calculate FAST University CGPA manually, then visit our Home Page. There is the CGPA calculator at our home page; visit our home page and calculate your CGPA.

How to calculate GPA at FAST NUCES University?

It isn't easy to calculate the FAST NUCES GPA manually. Each credit hour subject has a different points weightage of points. First, we know the grade of the SubjeSubject; we see the credit hours of that subjeSubjecth grade and credit hours and different numbers of points. There is a chart of points for each grade maintained by HEC. Then, we divide those points by the total number of credit hours. If you have 2 subjects of 4 credit hours and you got A & B grades, suppose your points for an A grade are 16 and for a B grade is 12, then the total becomes 28. Divide them by the total number of credit hours, which is 8 here. You will see the GPA of your current semester.