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COMSATS Institute of Information Technology (CIIT) started its journey in 1998 and established its first campus in Islamabad in April 1998. Comsats is famous for the IT related field. They ranked at the No.1 position in private universities for the BSCS program. It is a multi-campus university with its principal seat located in Islamabad. They have a total of 8 campuses throughout Pakistan, including one virtual campus.CIIT is ranked amongst the top 10 universities in Pakistan as per HEC's recent rankings.
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Comsats GPA System

Comsats have an absolute grading system with a very strict GPA policy. Unlike many other universities, Comsat has its algorithm to measure the GPA, which is totally different from all other universities. Students try their best to maintain a good GPA, but it is really hard to get a good GPA in Comsats because of their strict GPA policy.

Why Comsats?

As we have already mentioned above, Coms is a top university for IT-related fields and is ranked in 7th position in Pakistan as per HEC. They produce quality IT specialists. It is very easy for a Comstas degree holder to get a job in the IT field.